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Three Peaks Chilli JamThree Peaks Chilli Jam Review

A three-fold hit of chilli-goodness, but one to be eaten with caution. As The Chilli Jam Man rightly states about his latest sauce "This is hot - I'm being deadly serious".

An addictive rollercoaster of three different chillis, hence the "Three Peaks" name. The first hit you will receive is that of the Birds Eye chillis, giving you that warm glow! Next, like a red-hot relay team, the habanero chillis begin their destructive attack on your tastebuds. But that's nothing when the final uphill ascent of the Bhut Jolokia kicks in and you contemplate whether you should have written a will or called the fire-brigade before you dipped the spoon in that jar!

Amazing super hot chilli jam makes for some excellent stir fries, with a really great savoury and lingering bite. Highly recommended.

And remember, The Chilli Jam Man has warned you: "Do not buy this unless you love heat".

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