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Fire Dragon Chillies Xtra HotFire Dragon Chillies Xtra Hot Review

Fire Dragon Chillies Xtra Hot sauce is a blend of the hottest yellow chillies known to man, including scorpian morugas, bhut jolokias, fatalli, scotch bonnet and a few others for good luck.

This sauce is beautifully hot. Hot enough for chilli-lovers and probably a little too hot for Joe Public, but ignoring the heat for a moment, the best thing about this sauce is the flavour behind that heat... Reminiscent of sambal olek's sour flavour, a tang of lemon and the sweetness of the fruits within; the sauce is nicely balanced with a slight savoury umami-ness that lends itself to seafood and eggs.

Chilli Festival's recommendation: Perfect with Huevos Rancheros!

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