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Make Us A Brew Chilli Mint TeaMake Us A Brew Chilli Mint Tea Review

The first thing that struck me was the excellent branding of this product... a super selling point. But what does it taste like?

Kettle boiled, tea bag in stewing and 5 mins later, our chilli-mint tea is ready to go. Simples! We Goldilocks'ed it - tried at three different time-frames; freshly brewed and steaming hot; moderately warm; and finally cold.

  • Hot: A warming, fresh and potent flavour, albeit difficult to taste the chilli through the mint
  • Medium: The flavour of the mint is still the dominant flavour, but the hint of chilli starts to become a little more evident
  • Cold: The chilli is still a little weak, although the most taste of any of the tests; it's clear that the earlier "warming" sensation was from the water, not the tea!

So there you have it - nice mint tea, good flavour, but the chilli just ain't cutting it. Mr Scruff's Make Us A Brew need to Make Us A Scotch Bonnet and a Naga edition of their cuppa. 6/10 for effort, maybe next time guys :)

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