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Hot Smoked Chipotle Beef JerkyHot Smoked Chipotle Beef Jerky Review

Another product from Trailhead Fine Foods that smells great, you just want to dive in and overdose. So I did!

This isn't really that hot at all to start with, as I had been told by Kevin and Sue, but eat enough of it and it'll build up to reward you. It's an investment I urge you to take, since it's got a great flavour followed by rich heat that's not too hot for a snack, kinda like the goldilocks effect. This product is "Just Right", in every way! A favourite at Trailhead, and my favourite too.

Heat: 5/10
Heat Duration: heat gets you after a while, the more you eat, the more you are rewarded. It sticks around in a dull but friendly way [:)]
Flavour: 9/10

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