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Norfolk Heatwave Hot Pepper SauceNorfolk Heatwave Hot Pepper Sauce Review

Norfolk Heatwave Hot Pepper Sauce is a home-made hot sauce, produced on a small scale to dedicate time and care to its manufacture. With a high proportion of fresh chillies and other quality ingredients, the sauce not only gives a reassuring kick, it delivers true flavour - something that some larger hot sauce manufacturers forget to include!

The Norfolk Heatwave team suggest that the sauce can be used as a table condiment, but also as an ingredient in many dishes. Wanting not to lose that flavoursome bite, we tried it first with fresh, uncooked foods. Added to an avocado half, the sauce creates a stunning savoury meal-in-a-shell.

Finding success here, we next tried the hot sauce in fresh guacamole - maybe not quite regionally correct, but proved to be a spectacular winner with the whole team as they gorged themselves on tortilla chips, dunked in the tasty mix.

The "meaty", yet "fruity" crossover flavour of the sauce lead us next to try it with quick to cook cheese, bacon and pineapple toasties. This sweet-and-sour direction worked, again showing the versatility of the Heatwave sauce.

Finally, we used the sauce to marinade thinly sliced chicken breast fillets overnight. With the West Indian flavour soaked into the meat, we cranked up the George Foreman nice and hot and quickly "barbequed" the meat until browned / slightly blackened. The result was divine - our tastebuds were greeted with a true jerk-style fresh flavour.

This sauce is a fantastic addition to your chilli sauce or condiment collection. Rather than a basic heat-trip, the fiery scotch-bonnet is complemented by fruity flavour and complex, savoury, West-Indian goodness. We can't wait to try it on seafood next! Highly recommended by the Chilli-Festival team, check it out!

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