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Fried Chilli Garlic Gnocci

A simple recipe... Chop as much garlic and chilli as you care and throw in a frying pan with a generous chunk of butter and a glug of olive oil. Fry off slowly and soften up the ingredients.

In a separate, hot water filled pan, throw in some some fresh gnocci for about 1 minute. Dry off thoroughly in a sieve and roll onto some kitchen towel.

Then dry fry quickly in a really hot frying pan until the pasta starts to brown and crisp up. Add to the garlic chilli oil and serve.

Submitted Wednesday 03rd August 2011

Sweet Chilli Mango Ice Cream Recipe


Mango pulp / fresh flesh
Double cream - 150ml
Your favourite sweet chilli sauce


1. Pour the Mango Pulp & cream into a large bowl.
2. Fold the liquid slowly until thoroughly mixed.
3. Place in an ice-cream maker for around 10-15mins, or until starting to thicken.
4. Drizzle in sweet chilli sauce to your taste and run the ice-cream maker for another 5-10mins until set.
5. Place in a freezer-safe dish or tupperware container and place in the freezer for 2 hrs - serve immediately, or within the week.

Submitted Tuesday 02nd August 2011

easy and hot chilli sauce

Ingredients: 1 carton tomato passata,1 onion (diced) 3-4 cloves garlic , as many chillis as you like (seeded or un-seeded depending on taste) simmer all ingredients 20-30 mins blitz in blender add sugar to taste.

Submitted Monday 01st August 2011

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