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Mr Vikki's Indian Fusion Pickles

Mr Vikki's Indian Fusion Pickles

Mr Vikki's is a small, bespoke Indian pickle producer in the beautiful Lake district within Cumbria.

Mr Vikki's is dedicated to using fresh natural ingredients and cater for many specialised dietary requirements. Specific chillies are selected and carefully prepared to make the products keep very well once opened. The low water content means that these preserves will stay fresh for a long time without refridgeration, using ancient preservation methods.

The unique recipes are crafted by a small team in their Cumbrian stainless production kitchen at home, The Welcome Inn. Small batch production, using fresh ingredients and freshly milled spices means that Mr Vikki's do not compromise on quality; fresh chopped ginger, garlic and various types of fresh chillies make for a potent but tasty end product.

The lucky visitors to the market stalls at Keswick can find these products on sale twice weekly. Products are also packed and sent by post to their salivating customers.

Visit Mr Vikki's website:

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