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Advertise on this Website is one of the most widely read chilli event & review websites in the UK, US and Australasia. Our website has 3 million annual hits, with over 69,000 unique website-users and rising.

The website and blog is constantly updated with new chili retailer information, online chile product reviews, chili recipes plus chilli related news and items of interest from around the World.

Banners, Adverts, Pricing & Placing

Advertising is carefully and selectly planned on our website, so as not to overwhelm users with too many options to click. We tend to feature banner ads at the left of most pages and at the bottom of articles & event listings. Many banners run site-wide, so you advert can appear across the whole site. We also feature a small number of Google sponsored adverts in certain areas of the website.

Left Column Banners (180px x 75px):
People generally read left-to-right, hence the left column is the prime spot to show your advert for most views and clicks. At 180 pixels wide and 75 pixels tall, left column banners are generally the most used by our customers, so space can be limited. This advertising space (and hence your banner) appears on all pages of the website.

Small Banner

Double the height of your left and right column banners for an additional small fee to ensure you get noticed!

Central Banners (728px × 120px):
Banners in the centre of the web-page are shown at the top of the homepage in a slideshow format. There will only be 4 such banners on a rotating slideshow, so your advert will be right at the top of the main homepage. Clicking on the slide will take the user to your website.

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We appreciated you sending us your banners in GIF or JPG file-format at the sizes stated above. If you need a basic banner creating, we may be able to do that on your behalf; just ask! We don't accept Flash banners or Javascript banners without prior discussion and arrangement.

Regions & Marketing Targets

We aim to target the Chilli Markets in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We frequently attract between 1,000 and 6,000 page views per day, with our peak month's advertising potentially generating 75,000 views of your advert, rising year on year. Some representative statistics for your perusal:

  • May 2013 saw 40,356 page views and 308,041 hits
  • Jun 2013 saw 29,790 page views and 248,071 hits
  • Jul 2013 saw 74,535 page views and 621,290 hits
  • Aug 2013 saw 61,920 page views and 535,685 hits

Google, Twitter & Facebook

The website is well ranked by Google, with over 9,000 indexed pages listed - and rising! That could be 9,000 pages potentially showing your advertisement. And remember, in addition to 9,000 chances of your advert being clicked on, the link to your website can provide 1000s of well respected "in-links" to your website, benefiting the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of your site.

Subscribers & Newsletters

Over the past few years, you - the reader - have been adding your email address to our subscription form in force! We appreciate your loyalty and aim to keep you updated with chilli news on a regular basis.

With approaching 400 susbcribers, that's a lot of chilli-lovers available to see your products in their inbox. We can include you in our newsletter to send out to these hundreds of subscribers, dependant upon the nature of the article and content. Please get in touch.

Other Advertising Rates

Our aim is to keep our advertising rates competitive and accessible. The prices above show our preset options, but if you have a specific advertising request, or can't fit into the budget shown drop us a line to discuss further options.

Terms & "Small Print"

We currently do not provide pay per click advert except via our Google adwords sponsored ads. We don’t count the number of times your banner is viewed or click on, but we aim to implement this in the future. It's often possible to track this from your website if you have Google Analytics installed; we are able help you to set this up on your own website for a small fee, if you can provide us access.

We generally only accept adverts from Chilli related business, to ensure relevance of the website's content. We will decide whether adverts are suitably related, of acceptable size, quality and content. We do no accept advert banners or links to sites that we deem to be offensive to our website's viewing audience.

Our product reviews are made by our varied team of tasters; we all love chilli but two products may be reviewed by different individuals, dependant on the location of your business and who's available to sample. Our review decision is final. It's rare that we'd slate a product unless it was truly awful - our goal is to to promote the chilli industry. Comments consist of our opinions and any facts found. But if your sauce, jam or chutney sucks, we're not going to lie!

16th September 2013: All existing website content, including retailers and news items will remain on the site for the next year, through to December 2013. After this, we reserve the right to request that any retailers pay for their listing to be retained - we're not trying to be money-grabbers, we just need to fund our site's hosting, domains and the hours that we put into the production, maintenance and updates.

Upgrades & Improvements

Our aim is to make the Chilli-Festival website bigger and better, with many more improvements planned over the next year. If you have any queries about our service, website or anything else, please get in touch.

If you are interested in advertising on our website please contact us here.

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