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Chilli Festivals 2020

Chilli Festival is your first stop for chilli events, chili festivals, hot food events, chilli eating competitions and sauce reviews internationally. Chilli Festival celebrates the hottest chillies, the Trinidad Viper & Infinity Chili, the Indian naga bhut jolokia chili pepper, the Mexican habanero chili and the World's Hottest chilli, the Carolina Reaper! If it's got a kick to it, it will be on the Chilli Festival website.

Chilli Festival will look at chili peppers from around the globe, whether the hottest chilli in the World, the biggest pepper, the strangest capsicum or the rarest chilli - it's here! And if it's not, we want you to tell us.

Chilli Festival explains where to buy these fiery fruits, carefully concocted spicy sauces and hot chutneys that can pass for bottled magma; and finally, it's a place to find where you can attend food festivals and chilli events to see it all first hand!

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Chilli Products, Retailers & Growers

Chilli Festival write regular reviews of both chilli products and their retailers. Retailers cover a range of countries and cuisines; Thai seasonings, Mexican hot sauces, Indian curry paste and Chinese dried chilli shrimp - nothing is too hot or too obscure. More about chilli products...

Chilli Recipes & Ideas

Find quick and easy chilli recipes, submit your creations and review other people's creations online. Coming soon - provide a 5-star rating to advise chilli recipe-hunters how good you think the recipe is.
Read our chilli recipes...

Chilli Festivals & Events

Find local, national and international food events and chilli festivals. Chilli Festival lists up-and-coming gatherings for food fanatics and chilli addicts alike. Find a chilli festival or event...

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