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Grillstock Festival 2010 in Bristol

An amazing Grillstock Festival was had in Bristol last weekend. Grillstock barbecue festival took place in Bristol by the harbour, attended by lots of large barbecue companies with all manner of barbecue hardware and there were even some food vendors too. The biggest attraction was without doubt the FFUK Chilli eating competition.

"Aci Sivri" at roughly 3,000 SHU was first, closely followed by the "Jalapeno" (4,000 - 5,000 SHU) and then the "Whippets tail" (6,000 SHU). Vic Singh had to bow out at this point with an almighty roar of applause from a huge crowd!

A big jump in SHU to the "Cayenne" chilli, at around 25,000 SHU, then the "Thai" chilli (50-100K SHU) was released. The classic Scotch Bonnet"(100-350K SHU) next slayed the 3 Cornish visitors, Adam, Rob and Nick.

Dan Cronin, Danny hancock and Charlotte Pincott were also taken out by the Scotch Bonnet! With only a handful of contestants remaining, the competition was starting to identify the hardcore chilli eaters!

Next came the "Habanero" at an eye watering 750,000 SHU. One of the hottest peppers on the planet, actually THE hottest known chilli until the "Naga Jolokia" appeared.

The Habanero took out Simon Linguard who stood up to leave, stating "I'm done". Next up, a teaspoon of Chillipepperpete's "Dragons blood" hotsauce (800k SHU), readliy consumed by ALL, ready for the next challenge.

The "Dorset naga" (1 million SHU) reared its ugly head and the players managed to take this down too (maybe the chilli had destroyed tastebuds at thus point). Then the "7 Pot" chilli (1.02 million SHU) was rolled out; Leo had to quit at this point.

Two more people managed the 7Pot and promptly left the table; Lok and Jez Parry couldn't take any more.

The famous chilli-champion "The Guff", Mr Chill and Laura all polished off the Chillipepperpete naga (1.05 - 1.08 million SHU) three times. These people seemed to have an indestructable constitution and a teflon plated palate. Half a teaspoon of "Satans S#*t" sauce did'nt take anyone out, so the "Danger" extract from Chillipepperpete, at 6.4million SHU had to do the work... Laura was out.

A stunning 10 seconds on the tongue revealed that there was going to be no clear winner - joint first place was awarded to "The Guff" (Gareth Boughtwood) and "Mr Chill" (Colin Hill), taking prizes of a chilli hamper of products.

Until 2011...

Thursday 8th of August 2013

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