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Organic Pesticide: Homemade Recipes & Natural Remedies

Organic Pesticide: Homemade Recipes & Natural Remedies

Organic pesticides aren't a new idea, they've been around for as long as plants have been on the Earth... Plants have evolved toxins that prevent insects and other bugs from eating them; so let's harness these natural remedies and avoid having to use chemicals on our garden.

Garlic & Soap insecticide

Protect your chillies with... chillies! Blend 2 or 3 whole cayenne peppers, an onion and a whole bulb of garlic with a small measure of water and a squirt of dish detergent to help the mixture reach a thick, but smooth paste. Cover the paste with a 4 litres of water and stand for 2 days, before straining. Spray the liquid daily on your chillies or vegetables to kill the infestation. Finally, use the sieved paste too, by burying it in the soil sround the plant to discourange further insects and bugs from returning to the plant.

Rhubarb & Soap Insecticide

Chop and boil 0.5kg of rhubarb leaves in 2 litres of water for a half hour, then allow to cool. Strain the liquid into a spray-container. Next, add some dish detergent/soap flakes (don't use laundry detergent) and spray onto the plant's leaves to kill off bugs like aphids and mites. Remember, rhubarb leaves contain high amounts of oxalic acid and as such can be poisonous to humans. Do not ingest, use gloves whilst making the insecticide and avoid fruits where possible. Always wash chillies before eating.

Wednesday 9th of May 2012

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