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World's Hottest Pizza the Saltdean Sizzler

World's Hottest Pizza the Saltdean Sizzler

A whopping 837 people have tried the Saltdean Sizzler from "Paul's Pizza" (in Saltdean, near Brighton) to date, but only 8 have finished it all! The pizza sauce has been tested at Warwick University to measure just under 3.2million SHUs, qualifying this pizza as the World's hottest pizza!

Success to Date

PositionNameTime (m,sec)
1Rob House3m 59sec
2Chris Saunders (The Lurch)25m
3Andy Robertson (BinBagz)29m
4Chris Clarke50m
5Jack Jordan60m
6Graham Nash75m
7Marc Whybrow75m
8Tony T90m

Check out Rob House demolishing this fiery beast of a pizza:

Thursday 7th of June 2012

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