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Lemon Chilli Sauce ChilliPotLemon Chilli Sauce ChilliPot Review

Much more mellow than Jes Catering's Scotch Bonnet ChilliPot, the Lemon ChilliPot is more accessible to those with a lower chilli heat tolerance. As with their other sauces, this is a perfect replacement for table condiments such as mustard and horseradish, giving your meal warmth, savouriness and a sour flavour. This Mauritian-originated product works well when added to a variety of recipes - ideal with cheese and meat-based dishes!

The ChilliPot sauce's heat warms and builds over time. It leaves a long-lingering heat, sourness and provides flavours from the various secret ingredients... It leaves you thinking "I know that flavour", but never quite placing it! Like the Fiery Red ChilliPot, the underlying savoury sourness is a fermented taste not dissimilar to sambal oelek. The sauce is finely blended, moist and creamy. A really clean flavour lends itself to the sauce being accompanied by fresh tomatoes, avocado, cheese and chicken.

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