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Mr Vikki's HHHMr Vikki's HHH Review

Potted awesomeness!! The HHH 'II' Mr Vikki's Heaven Hot Habanero (jam/sauce?) is a simple-yet-stunning culinary masterpiece. It's almost too sweet and too hot in equal measures that somehow balances out to give a tasty, mouthwatering and certainly moreish, thick jam-like consistency.

Flavours are fruity, with a distinctive habanero kick on the tongue; very hot for the beginner, but for those that like a habanero or Scotch bonnet, this is a mid-field heat. The jam quickly brings a light sweat to the forehead and makes your tongue water - you just want more and more. Great with roast pork, chicken and sweet potato amongst many other options. Sweet chilli sauce on steroids. Highly recommended, one of our favourites.

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