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Fire Dragon Chillies Gourmet SauceFire Dragon Chillies Gourmet Sauce Review

Fire Dragon Chillies suggest that this is a "Central American style chilli sauce" and that the "specialty chillies originate from Mexico and Guatemala". This is completely the case - the fresh carrot base of the sauce makes for a clean, fresh and fruity flavour, but something that's just hot enough for all to savour.

To use the sauce, we tried it on white fish and chicken. Win. In chunky-chopped tomatoes and lime as a salsa. Good, but needed a little more "oomph" to cut through the other flavours. With cheese on toast. Awesome. And finally straight on avocado. Amazing! This sauce and avocado were made for each-other.

Bottled Mexico with immense fruity flavour. Highly recommended!

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