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Spicy Chilli Beef JerkySpicy Chilli Beef Jerky Review

Open the bag and it smells like Snack Heaven! Spicy Chilli Beef Jerky from Trailhead Fine Foods is described as entry level heat-wise by the company; suitable to meet the heat needs of the general population.

The Jerky describes itself through the medium of taste as low on the heat scale but one of the highest of the 4 of Trailhead Fine Foods meat products reviewed on the flavour-o-meter. It's straight forward, no-messing food, this one - and would be my prefered snack from the lot, but it's beaten by a narrow margin by the Hot Smoked Chipotle Beef Jerky.

Heat: 3/10
Heat Duration: n/a
Flavour: 8/10

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