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Soul Chilli Sauce Trinity PackSoul Chilli Sauce Trinity Pack Review

Soul Sauces of Surry, England are a  small producer aiming to "bring you sauces that are different from the rest". And they have succeeded with their "Trinity" gift pack. If you can't choose which of their fantastic sauces you like the best, it's the way forward!

On receiving the trinity pack I was immediately pleased that the pot was "just right", rather than "super-sized"; despite being a volume consumer of hot sauces, it can be difficult to balance the need to sustain a variety of sauce choices with the possibility of using them up before they go past their best.

First up was the Original Chilli Sauce. We served this up with a tomato based pasta dish - it offered an immediate whack. Satisfaction was only marred slightly by an overly oily base. For this reason I'd recommend this as best suited as an addition to a sauce or as a marinade rather than a standalone side. Certainly there is good strength and reasonable flavour but overall I'd rate it as average.

Next was the Red Pepper Day Chilli Sauce. I took this as dipping sauce with meatballs. With a less oily consistency this immediately appealed and gave a discernible smokey pepper twang and a fair does of presence. Not as hot as the Original but with the benefit of an overall better flavour.

Finally - the Garlic Tornado Chilli Sauce. It seemed only right to approach this with a ham sandwich. Well, it does what it says on the can... and delivers a blend of garlic and chilli flavours. As to whether the two are greater than the sum of their parts? Not convinced. I'd like to see it focus a little more on bringing the garlic in to focus such that it was a garlic sauce that was hot rather than a chilli and garlic sauce.... Savvy?

This selection is a great way to sample lots of flavours - with sauces for various different purposes. The Red Pepper Day Chilli Sauce came out tops - a good consistency and well placed balance of smokiness and rich pepper flavour. Good work, Soul Sauces!

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