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Ruby Blue Chilli LiqueurRuby Blue Chilli Liqueur Review

So who are RubyBlue? They are the mastermind behind a range of Award-Winning fruit-flavoured liqueurs, that's who! Their range of 100% Natural Bottle-aged Liqueurs includes Wild Blackcurrant, Wild Blueberry, Wild Cranberry and ... of course ... Chilli Pepper! Ironically the only flavour without the word "wild" in the name, yet the most "wild" flavour in their range.

The company slogan is "Experience Something Beautiful" and that was just so true of the Chilli Pepper flavour that we tried out. From the packaging (we loved the bottle - it has an understated appeal that suggests something of quality inside) to a smooth flow into your glass, each step had a certain richness, an opulant experience before even tasting the drink.

Our first sip - the liqueur has a slight sweetness which is balanced beautifully against the warm, chilli flavour. It's not a "blow-your-head-off-hot" but it's no wuss! It's just hot enough so that you could enjoy it in reasonable quantities.

We got a flavour that wasn't necessarily expected in a sweet liqueur - slightly ripe pepper aftertaste, almost savoury. This unexpected hint of umami was at first a little invasive to the experience, but quickly becomes part of the character ... the whole Ruby Blue experience.

Now we were left wondering what the cocktail possibilities might be... Maybe a sweet Thai cocktail might be interesting... A dash of ginger wine, some coconut - even lemongrass? Hell, a coriander leaf or 2 for decoration! We've not tried that Ruby Blue liqueur experience just yet, but willl let you know when we do... Watch this space!

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