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Ilchester Extra Hot MexicanaIlchester Extra Hot Mexicana Review

Mexicana extra hot cheddar is a firm cheese, lovingly loaded with bell peppers and hot chilli spices. Although the regular Mexicana cheese can be found commonly around the UK's supermarkets, the Extra Hot variety is a little more rare. This attractive, colourful cheddar cheese can be occassionally found in deli sections around the UK - check the Ilchester website to find out where you can bag a wedge!

We found our chunk of Mexicana in Asda and quickly took it back to the office for tasting. The soft cheese is slightly buttery in consistency and the peppers and chilli make for a moist and crumbly texture. The first mouthful of the cheese offers a delightful, sweet delivery of flavour. But as you chew, you quickly realise that there is a serious underlying bite!

This cheese needs to be savoured, but in small quantities to avoid taste-overload. We recommend it on its own but it goes well with chicken dishes, unsurprisingly Mexican tortillas and in particular, burritos. And remember the warning from Ilchester regarding their Mexicana - "Dare you... it bites back!"

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