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Let's Go Mexicana

Let's Go Mexicana

Let's Go Mexicana employees dress in a fun ‘Mexican' fashion to engage with the festival/carnival atmosphere. Their trailer also plays Mexican music, with Mexican instruments available for customers to use, while a range of cactuses enhance this atmosphere. The team recently won the Sheffield Hallam Enterprise Challenge.

The trailer presents an extremely clean image and actively promotes ‘healthy and fresh' eating, as the perception of mobile catering is one of poor hygiene and quality. Our aim is to persuade customers to eat from our outlet rather than competitors, and by selling extremely high quality food we gain repeat custom and a reputation surpassing all other outlets.

The menu is diverse and for all customers' tastes, providing a full meal or a snack, vegetarian alternatives while offering different heats (mild, medium or hot) within individual products. Around a third of all consumers believe that Tex-Mex food is too spicy - meaning a milder recipe is available to those who don't have a taste for chilli too! We also use the current ‘Piri-Piri' and ‘Tabasco' culture as part of our menu, while Lets Go Mexicana secret and Chilli-Chocolate dishes will also be actively promoted, as this is a current zeitgeist.

Our menu includes chilli, enchiladas, quesadilla, nachos, burritos, chilli nachos & chilli quesadilla. A range of deserts, cookies and non-alcoholic cocktails are available to differentiate Lets Go Mexicana, giving a fresh alternative to soft drinks, and deserts.

Our 'Sombrero Meal' comes with your own free sombrero for orders over £10. Furthermore, customers can purchase a hat made entirely from nacho, where the rim is filled with dip so the customer can literally 'eat their own hat'.

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