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Spital Farm Chilli Shakers

Spital Farm Chilli Shakers

Spital Farm are a small family company, Silveri & Paesano, growing their own extreme chillies in Berkshire. All of their chillies are hand tended, picked, dried and packaged on site. 100% Natural, no additives, no colours, no pesticides or preservatives, just red hot chilli!!!

The Spital Farm growing range, 30 so far, includes the infamous Trinidad Scorpion and many other rare species. It takes 30 whole chillies to make a 6g bottle of spice!!!

Spital Farm's products are aimed at those wishing to add a little spice to their food - the beautifully packaged shaker bottle looks great on the table. The shaker is designed to be used as a condiment, like salt and pepper, perfect for spicing up your dinner. Especially handy if you are the only family member that likes it HOT.

Due to the company's size, their range fluctuates according to the season. Spital Farm are constantly updating their products and trying new varieties!

Spital Farm will be looking at attending various festivals, hopefully, this summer. They are committed to environmental awareness, local and fairtrade.

Please follow Spital Farm on twitter Spitalfarm Chilli: @spitalfarm or on Facebook: Spital farm.

View the Spital Farm Chilli Shakers website.

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